Where/when can I mentor?

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🗺️ Where to mentor

Mentorship can occur anywhere. It can be in your ...

  • organization/company

  • team

  • local communities

  • online

You can think of it as an onion, peeling back different layers:

  • self > team > department > organization > industry

  • it can take place in physical locations

  • can happen online/remotely

🔍 Finding mentees

➡️ I go to them

You're the one taking the first step and initiative. Sometimes, people want to reach out, but feel uncomfortable/shy. Or they don't want to inconvenience. Similarly, they may not know who is willing to share.

Taking the initiative, you can mentor at:

  • schools

  • meetups

  • conferences

  • hackathons

  • internal events

  • organizations

More details coming soon.

⬅️ They come to me

You can be a like a lighthouse, signaling to others, "Hi, I'm here, feel free to reach out!"

For example:

  • posting a welcoming message (with what type of info to ask), on your

    • social media, Twitter pinned tweet/bio

    • LinkedIn summary

    • personal site/blog

For those with large followings, there are ways to manage with filters, email aliases, and more. More details to come.

🏛️ Organizations and initiatives to get in involved with

See Mentorship Programs for more details

☑️ Action steps

When to mentor

We have families, friends, hobbies, and other responsibilities. How do you fit mentorship in too?

It doesn’t have to be time consuming.

  • It can be an hour a month

  • 10 minutes over a span of many months

Be mindful of when you can help, and then do it. Stay flexible and adaptable as your schedule changes.

📝 Examples

The email

I enjoy business, product, data, psychology, tech and people. Awhile back, I reached out to an alumnus for career advice. He’s a busy individual, a co founder of a SaaS company. He replied with a lengthy email. There were follow-up questions, his opinions, and assumptions, and insights from his experience.

We never had a phone call. Or met in person. But that email exchange had an impact.

Time is not equal. I estimate that it took him about an hour to write that email. But at the same time, it easily saved me a few weeks worth of mine.

☑️ Action steps

⁉️ Submit ideas, feedback, questions

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